FEAST WEEK 2021 – your questions answered

Will there be Feast Week this year?         With the easing of Government restrictions, we are really hoping to be able to celebrate with some form of Feast Week.

If it does go ahead when would it be?      Between 25th & 31st July.

Will it have all of the usual events?           That’s difficult to answer. We want to put on as many of the usual features of Feast Week as possible, but it is limited by when Covid restrictions are fully lifted & how much money we have available (because many of the regular fundraising events have been stopped throughout the lockdowns.)

When will we know?                                     The best way of keeping in touch with announcements about Feast Week is to sign up to any of our social media accounts. Then you can be informed as soon as any news is available. Otherwise check village notice boards or Spectrum

Can we do anything now?                          We mentioned that fundraising has had to stop & that may limit events. Right now you can consider joining Feast Week 200 Club.It helps with our fundraising & you also have the chance to win each month!

Finally look out for other ways to get involved over the next couple of months.

Fancy the chance of winning some cash while supporting Feast Week at the same time?

Of course you do, so sign up now to the 200 Club to be in with a chance.


This year more than ever, the 200 Club needs your support. This is our only source of income for the time being and for those of you who missed Feast Week last year and want to see it back this year, please, please, please sign up. £5 for a month or £60 for the year for each number you purchase, monthly draws and guaranteed winners of cash prizes. The more numbers in the draw, the greater the prize fund. So what are you waiting for???