200 Club

Welcome to Hilton 200 CLUB – a great way for you to support the village and Feast Week whilst having a chance to win some fantastic prizes! Here’s how It works…

Membership costs £5 per month or £60 per annum for one ticket number. You can buy more than one ticket number if you wish. All participants must be over 16 years.

The best way to join is here or you can email us and we will be in touch to complete the membership. You can also just ask any committee member to join!

Entries will be eligible to win from the month they join; the draw will normally take place on the 3rd Wednesday of the following month, normally at 8pm at the Prince of Wales Public House in Potton Road, Hilton. Results will be posted on this website and prizes distributed over the weekend after the draw.

The prize money will be 40% of the membership fee taken that month (split between 3 prizes – 1st Prize = 50% of prize fund, 2nd Prize = 30% of prize fund, 3rd Prize = 20% of prize fund). The remaining 60% goes towards supporting Hilton Feast Week. The exception will be the July Draw to coincide with Feast Week, where 100% of the money taken that month will go towards the prize fund and will be split between 8 prizes. 1st Prize = 38% of prize fund, 2nd Prize= 20% of prize fund, 3rd Prize= 12% of prize fund, then 5 extra prizes of 6% each.

If you have any questions at all, please contact us.


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Note: The 200 club is a lottery and is licensed by Huntingdonshire District Council, Registration No. SSL1776

It is operated inline with the Gambling Commission Act that applies to society and local authority lotteries.

By entering the 200 Club you consent to our terms in the privacy notice.