The decision has been made!

The decision has been made and we are super excited to announce it’s all systems go for Feast Week 2021! There is still the matter of the roadmap, but assuming Boris’ plans become reality the marquee will be back this year.
Hilton Feast Week “All at Sea” will run from Sunday 25th- Saturday 31st July. We are on a tight schedule but with the support of our great community and much enthusiasm we will do our very best to make it a much needed week of fun and enjoyment for all. More details to follow as we have them…..

You can help support Feastweek by joining our 200 Club or buying our Summer Grand Draw Tickets!

Summer Grand Draw has a first prize of £100, second prize of £50 and a third prize of £25!

200 Club has a higher payout in July of 100% of the prize fund!