The origins of Feast Week date back to the Middle Ages, when villagers would celebrate the feast of Mary Magdalene by bringing the community together and reflecting on helping each other.

More recently, Feast Week was resurrected in the Summer of 1977 to celebrate the Queen’s Silver Jubilee. It was only envisaged that the event was for 1977 only but Feast Week 1977 was so popular that it continues for the next few years as a result of the then committee’s ability to raise financial support on the basis the next ear’s event would only occur if the funds were in place immediately after the current years festival.

Feast Week does not make a profit and now needs to turnover in excess of £26,000 every year to put on! By supporting the events you help make sure that Feast Week itself can remain free of charge. We also have our 200 Club as well as the summer draw with cash prizes and amazing raffle prizes on offer this year! 

Even if you aren’t able to support the fundraising events, by buying raffle tickets or if you wish making a donation towards feast week you can help keep Feast Week running.

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